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Calling All Female Artists

The Brief:
Biblical Women.

Open call for ALL female Artists!

We invite you to submit work in any medium (painting, photography, printmaking, video art, sculpting, mixed media, illustration etc.) for our compelling new exhibition and week of events celebrating International Women’s Day 2023: Biblical Women. Equity? #EmbraceEquity.

We invite female artists to respond through the medium of art to the written accounts of the women and girls in the Bible.

In the history of art the majority of artwork focusing on these Biblical women was produced by men. It is entirely appropriate for women to take a fresh look and provide their own interpretation of the events recorded.





The stories of these women are as gripping and relevant today as they were in the past. The struggles and challenges they encountered hold contemporary parallels for the situations and experiences we face today - love and betrayal; adventure and intrigue; domestic heaven or living hell, persecution and prejudice.


Sometimes overlooked, betrayed, underestimated and yet by equal measure loved, honoured, and powerful. Whether riding into battle, risking their lives to avert genocides, defying or murdering their evil sovereigns, surviving abuse, infidelity, infertility, enduring single parenthood or striving for social justice these women and girls demand contemporary exploration and a voice.

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Take Part!

*If you don't have a Google account or are experiencing difficulties in registering your work, then please email us directly.


  • Registration deadline 18th February 2023

  • Submission and delivery of work 4th & 5th March 2023

  • Exhibition and talks/events begin Tuesday 7th March  and end on Saturday 11th March 2023

We are creating an exhibition which looks at the International Women’s Day 2023 theme of #EmbraceEquity through the lens of Biblical women and ‘equity’. We are responding to the IWD call to action of ‘…philanthropy, collaboration and uplifting women’! The initiative driving the exhibition seeks to provide an equitable representation of women in the Bible and to redress the balance of perspective. During the exhibition week we will also  hold a series of talks relating to the International Women’s Day campaign focus. There will also be an opportunity to network and promote yourself and your work with other artists as well as the option to sell your work. 


We seek to promote female artists and put a focus on our chosen charities ‘Choose Love’ and ‘Meninadança’.


For information see our terms and conditions or contact  

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