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Leaf Pattern Design


8th March ~ 11th March 2023

'Biblical Women. Equity?' exhibition will be open to the public for a week to mark International Women's Day. The exhibition will be accompanied by a number talks aimed at addressing the thorny question posed. Our guest speakers are authors from the Christian community who seek to demonstrate not only the relevance of the Bible in the context of International Women's Day but offer a Biblical perspective on 'equity' and what this means in a Christian light. 

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Exhibition Opening


Artist's Launch & Evening Preview

Interview with artists*

Tuesday 7th March 2023

6.30 pm 

Monmouth Baptist Church

*Invitation only


A Fresh Look at Women in the Gospels  (Illustrated talk)


Ann Brown Author

Wednesday 8th March 2023

7.30 pm

Monmouth Baptist Church

*Free Entry


Sisters in the Wilderness: Josephine Butler and Hagar in 1850's Oxford.

Consideration of Art from the Victorian Era and Beyond


Dr Amanda Russell Jones Historian, Lecturer

Thursday 9th March 2023

7.30 pm

Monmouth Baptist Church

*Free Entry

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Martha & Mary: Busy in a Broken World


Katharine Swartz Author

Friday 10th March 2023

7.30 pm

Monmouth Baptist Church

*Free entry

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