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The Art Fringe is a proactive community based art group hosted by Monmouth Baptist Church

with a passion for creativity. We are located in Monmouth Town, South Wales

in the historic listed building of the Baptist Church.


The Art Fringe is a welcoming group open to anyone. 

It’s an opportunity to develop, discover or rediscover your creative skills in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. This is also a session for those who would like companionship with a therapeutic vibe. It’s a chance to meet others, chat, make and create (all abilities welcome!) and above all share our artistic talents.

The sessions provide opportunities to explore different techniques, learn about old and new artists, and have a go at different styles in a nurturing environment where fun and ‘therapy’ are at the heart of what we do. Activities are broad, involving drawing, painting, collage-making, felting, and printing, to name but a few.

We travel the world together looking and exploring the artistic styles of other cultures and countries. We aim to deliver some sessions outdoors, weather permitting, for the benefit of those who are 'shielding' or prefer to be outdoors to participate. 

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